After more than a year of living in a pandemic, many people are now getting vaccinated against COVID-19. While some people find it very exciting to finally live without the worry of possibly catching the virus, other people may still worry that they are not protected even if they are fully immunized. Some employers may also be wary of allowing their employees back to work without proper proof of immunity. This is where antibody tests can make all the difference.

What Do Antibodies Have to Do With COVID-19?

Antibodies are proteins produced within your immune system that fight off viruses and infections. Each type of antibody is unique to each type of virus. Antibodies are produced anywhere between one and three weeks after you have been vaccinated, and stay active within your body for some time after they are produced. These antibodies provide protection against future infection.

A COVID-19 antibody test can identify the type of antibody unique to this virus. It can also tell you if you have enough of these antibodies protecting you. Antibody tests are not used to diagnose COVID-19, but they are used to determining if your body has produced the antibodies that fight the virus. In other words, they can help you to determine if your vaccine was effective.

When to Get an Antibody Test

Timing matters when scheduling your antibody test appointment. It is recommended that you wait for at least two weeks after your final vaccine injection before scheduling your antibody test. Your body takes some time to produce sufficient antibodies. During this time period, you should assume that you are not immune to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 antibody test appointment itself is very fast and simple. It only takes a small finger prick and about 15 minutes to receive your results. In most testing facilities, you will receive your test results before the end of your appointment.

Negative Test Results

If you receive a negative COVID-19 antibody test result, it means that the test could not detect the specific antibodies needed to fight COVID-19. If you have been vaccinated recently, it could mean that you have not waited long enough before testing and your body has not had a chance to produce enough detectable antibodies yet. In very few instances, COVID-19 antibody tests can produce false-negative results, but this is in only 2.8% of tests.

Positive Test Results

A positive result from your COVID-19 antibody test means that your body has produced enough antibodies to fight against COVID-19. These tests are 100% accurate when there is a positive result. Even though your body has produced the appropriate antibodies, the Center for Disease Control recommends that you still follow pandemic guidelines for interacting with other people.

The Bottom Line

COVID-19 antibody testing is a good tool for measuring the effectiveness of your COVID-19 vaccination. Olympus Health & Performance offers convenient COVID-19 and fast antibody testing at their locations. They also offer mobile testing for homes and offices. Olympus Health & Performance has conducted more than 15,000 COVID-19 tests and has helped countless people better protect themselves and their loved ones.

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