Billing Policy

Similar to many medical providers, Olympus Health & Performance (“OHP” or “we”) has previously billed insurance companies directly for the cost of its medical testing as a courtesy to patients (“patient” or “you”), and in the event that the claim is denied, the cost of service is the patient’s responsibility. At present, OHP is only billing certain insurance companies for COVID-19 PCR tests as described below. For any additional questions related to insurance billing, please call (385) 645-6137.

Payment Types
Payment by credit or debit card only. We are currently unable to process cash payments at our clinics.

For Patients Receiving COVID-19 Antibody Tests and COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests:
OHP may bill insurance for COVID-19 Antibody Tests to insurance companies with which it has a contract or other arrangement, but only if the test is medically necessary (versus for surveillance purposes). However, for most Antibody Tests and all Rapid Antigen Tests, OHP does not bill insurance. Except in the limited circumstances described above, payment in full is due from the patient at the time of testing. following testing, you are free to submit the claim to your insurance carrier, to try and obtain reimbursement. However, most insurance companies do not cover these tests. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed, in part or in whole, for the cost of testing. The cost of these tests is listed below:

● COVID-19 Antibody Test: $80
● COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test: $75

For Patients Receiving COVID-19 PCR Tests:
Payment will be due at time of testing for (1) uninsured patients, (2) patients insured by companies with which OHP does not have an arrangement or contractual relationship, (3) asymptomatic patients, including testing solely for surveillance, and (4) patients receiving testing in anticipation of travel. For such situations, patient will be responsible for full payment at the time of testing. Thereafter, those patients with insurance can submit the claim to their insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. In such case, patient will be fully responsible for negotiations with their insurance carrier related to reimbursement. Reimbursement, in part or in whole, is not guaranteed. For those insurance plans with which OHP has an arrangement or contractual relationship, we will bill such insurance on behalf of patients. However, payment of the claim by the insurance company, in whole or in part, is not guaranteed. Should the patient’s insurance deny payment of the claim, in whole or in part, patient will be financially responsible for any balance.

We currently have an arrangement with or are have contracted with Select Health, Humana, Direct Care Administrators, and United Healthcare insurance. Thus, we will directly bill these insurance plans. For all other insurances and for self-pay patients, the cost of testing is below:

● COVID-19 PCR Test: $150

PCR Test Rush Fees:
With a lab rush fee, labs will return results by midnight the next day for tests administered Monday through Friday by 11am MST. Rush tests administered Saturday will be returned Monday by midnight and Sunday’s tests will be returned Tuesday by midnight. Rush testing is only available at our Salt Lake City and Park City locations.

● COVID-19 PCR Test Rush Fee: $50

Employer-Mandated COVID-19 PCR Testing Costs for Employees:
If a business mandates COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic employees as a condition of work, employers pay OHP for the test costs. In such situations, patients must represent and warrant that they will not seek any reimbursement of the test charges from any third-party payor, including, without limitation, any federal health care program or private health plan or insurer. The employer will be responsible for a small travel fee for OHP’s nurses to come to the employer’s place of business.

Voluntary COVID-19 PCR Testing Costs for Employees:
Businesses may set up COVID-19 testing at the request of employees. Voluntary COVID-19 PCR testing is payable in the same manner as individual-requested COVID-19 PCR testing, described above. The employer or business will be responsible for a small travel fee for OHP’s nurses to come to your business.

We accept payments for services and mobile fee charges (if a mobile fee applies for offsite testing) by: (i) company checks; (ii) certified funds; (iii) credit card payments; or (iv) HSA accounts (through HSA authorized debit cards).

Testing for Travelers or Surveillance-Only Purposes:
Payment will be due in full at the time of testing for any COVID-19 tests performed in anticipation of travel or for surveillance purposes. Although patients may submit a claim to their insurance carrier for possible reimbursement, most insurance companies will not reimburse for tests performed for these purposes alone. In such case, patient will be fully responsible for negotiations with their insurance carrier related to reimbursement. Reimbursement, in part or in whole, is not guaranteed.

Reimbursement Policy:
When submitting a claim on the patient’s behalf with no out-of-pocket expense to the patient, OHP, and not the patient, is entitled to reimbursement from the insurance company. In the event that the insurance company issues payment directly to the patient, the patient is required to forward the check to OHP. Checks must be endorsed (signed) by the recipient along with “Pay to the order of Olympus Health & Performance” in the signature area on the back of the check.

The signed check and explanation of benefits should then be mailed to:
Olympus Health & Performance
1414 S Foothill Drive, Suite D
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Denied Claims:
Please let OHP know if your insurance company denies your claim so that, where appropriate, OHP can provide additional information.

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