It’s been a full year since the global COVID-19 pandemic hit North American shores. It has wreaked havoc on public health, forced restrictions on gatherings and impacted the economy. However, there is plenty of hope! Coronavirus testing and vaccines help us keep the spread in check, and allow us, with precautions, to safely gather. The pandemic is not over yet, though, so let’s talk about the need for continued coronavirus testing in Utah.

Testing in Utah

Utah had an average of over 3,000 new cases per day mid-January, but in late February, it started averaging between 700 and 800. The combination of public health regulations and vaccines have had a positive impact on reducing the spread of the virus. Olympus Health & Performance has been a part of the data gathering and reporting process by administering coronavirus testing in Utah, which started with antibody testing to determine whether you’ve had past exposure to the virus. The PCR test is the nasal swab to see if you have an active infection. Also available is rapid antigen testing, which determines if an infection is present even if the person is asymptomatic.

Health measures and expanded coronavirus testing in Utah have made it possible to track cases and exposures, and this has played a huge role in bringing down the numbers.

“Normal” Is Different Now

COVID-19 is still a threat in America, but by continuing coronavirus testing in Utah we can all be part of bringing an end to the pandemic. Testing is fast, easy, and painless. Experienced nurses are ready to help you by administering a PCR, antibody, or antigen test and quickly providing your results. Olympus Health & Performance has administered more than 15,000 tests and looks forward to testing you to provide you with greater peace of mind.

Symptoms in Review

Still not sure about how coronavirus impacts the body and how it spreads? Let’s review the symptoms. The biggest indicators are fever, dry cough, and the loss of your sense of taste or smell. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, so other symptoms include chest pain and difficulty breathing. Other flu-like symptoms are possible, such as aches and pains or headaches or rashes. Although these are the most common, a variety of other symptoms could be present (like COVID toes in children). This is why if you are feeling unwell you should get coronavirus testing in Utah as soon as possible.

This virus is extremely contagious and is even more dangerous because it can pass from person to person; even when someone is asymptomatic, they can unknowingly pass the virus on. Testing increases awareness and therefore greatly reduces this risk.