If you travel for business or pleasure these days, COVID-19 testing is unavoidable. It is also a requirement for many colleges and universities who have students coming from out of state, or traveling between states over the holidays, long weekends, and spring break. Regardless of which group you find yourself in, searching online for COVID-19 rapid tests near me in advance is a great way to prepare yourself to meet travel requirements.

Types of Tests

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing is probably something you are familiar with by now. A quick nasal swab and your sample is off to a lab for analysis. The downside of PCR tests is that they can take between 48 to 72 hours to produce results; however, they are the most accurate at 98% sensitivity, which means that, if you are COVID-19 positive, the PCR test can pick it up and identify it 98% of the time. This means there is only a 2% chance of a false negative.

Rapid testing, also referred to as antigen testing, can yield results in 10 to 15 minutes and has 88.4% sensitivity. This means that 88.4% of the time, if you are infected with COVID-19, the rapid test will pick it up. On the other hand, there is an 11.6% chance of a false negative, which is why some travel requirements, schools, and/or workplaces may require more than one negative rapid test in a specified timeframe to confirm your status. The good news is that, if a rapid test says you are COVID-19 positive, it is 100% accurate – in other words, 0% chance of a false positive.

Be Prepared

We are beginning to see the writing on the wall that testing will continue to be needed for the long-haul because it is clear that different countries will not move forward in the same way with COVID-19 vaccines and requirements. Knowing in advance where you can find or go for COVID-19 rapid tests will help you prepare for the future. Should government mandates allow people to avoid vaccination in favor of more frequent testing, you will want to know where your nearest testing sites are whether you are vaccinated or not. Olympus Health & Performance is conveniently located in Salt Lake City off Foothill Drive, but we also have a mobile concierge testing service for those that need our nurses to come to them for testing.

Check Your Insurance

Will your insurer reimburse you for COVID-19 tests? Self-pay COVID-19 rapid tests cost $75 each at Olympus Health & Performance, and PCR tests have a higher cost because they are evaluated by an independent lab. If you know you will require regular testing, or more frequent testing due to work travel or traveling across states for school, contact your insurer to find out if they will reimburse you for testing fees, and what your coverage limits are. Insurance oftentimes does not reimburse for travel purposes. If you have a family or young children who you are not planning to have vaccinated with the child-approved version of the vaccine for kids 5-11 years of age, you might also need a plan to have them tested as required to attend school.

Search for “COVID-19 Rapid Tests Near Me”

Searching “COVID-19 rapid tests near me” makes it easy to find rapid tests in most areas across the country, or if you’re in Salt Lake City then Olympus Health & Performance can see you at its Foothill Drive clinic or have a nurse come to you for testing. Testing can fit seamlessly into your schedule by providing results in about 15 minutes. If you require rapid testing now or think you will require more frequent testing as COVID-19 mandates adapt and change, contact us to learn more.