Living through this current COVID-19 pandemic is confusing and scary for everyone, but if you are pregnant, you have an added level of concern on your shoulders. You might be worrying about how you can manage staying safe and healthy through a pandemic. There are so many questions that can feel overwhelming. Luckily, most people can help to relieve some of their fears by searching online for “COVID 19 rapid tests near me.”

Here are answers to some common questions that women might have regarding their pregnancy and COVID-19:

1)  What happens if I get COVID-19 while I am pregnant?

According to the Center for Disease, people who are pregnant are at a higher risk of suffering from severe illness if they contract COVID-19. Their pregnancy is also at a higher risk of suffering negative outcomes. It is important to keep yourself distanced from people who may be carrying the COVID-19 virus. Luckily, COVID-19 rapid tests near me can help anyone you may be in close contact with verify their health.

Regularly finding a COVID-19 rapid test near me for my close contacts allows me to ensure that nobody is bringing the virus into our home. We can breathe a little easier knowing that our friends and family aren’t transmitting the disease when they visit.

2)  Are COVID-19 vaccines safe during pregnancy?

The decision to vaccinate is a personal one. You may wish to speak with your health care provider to find out more about your own COVID-19 risks and the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. According to the limited research available, COVID-19 vaccinations are assumed to be safe during pregnancy. If you have been vaccinated and you would like to know if your body has built up adequate antibodies, you can search for “COVID 19 PCR Tests Near Me.” This test shows you if the vaccine has worked and if you have built some immunity to COVID-19.

3)  How can I avoid getting COVID-19?

In order to avoid getting COVID-19, make sure that you and anyone you come in close contact with follow the guidelines as laid out by the CDC and your own local health authority:

•  Maintain 6 feet between you and anyone who isn’t your designated close contact.

•  Always wear a mask when in public.

•  Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

•  Avoid touching your face.

•  Avoid crowded areas where you are not able to physical distance yourself from others.

•  Encourage your close contacts to search for “COVID 19 rapid tests near me” and book an appointment to make sure they are not carrying COVID-19.

•  If your close contacts have been vaccinated, encourage them to search for “COVID 19 Antibody Tests Near Me” and get tested to make sure the vaccine is effective for them.

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